Education and Training

The CCEB's and DBE's multiple clinical research training programs are designed for medical students, residents, fellows, graduate students, and faculty. These programs include:

Degree Programs in Biostatistics

The MS and PhD programs in Biostatistics are designed to develop fundamental skills in statistical science with an emphasis on applications in the health sciences. The programs integrate elements of epidemiology, biology and computing science, while maintaining the unique character and independence of statistics.

Degree Programs in Epidemiology

The graduate training programs in epidemiology are geared toward individuals interested in pursuing careers as independent investigators in clinical research. The student body is primarily comprised of medical students, residents, fellows, and graduate students.

Epidemiology and Biostatistics Training for the Penn Undergraduate Medical Curriculum

CCEB/DBE faculty lead courses and direct a series of research programs and opportunities designed for medical students.

Non-Degree Clinical Research Training

CCEB/DBE faculty teach a series of clinical research methods courses designed for those seeking careers as collaborative clinical researchers whose primary focus is on teaching or clinical care. These courses are limited in scope and are not sufficient for those seeking careers as independent investigators. A Clinical Research Certificate is available.

Related, Penn-Based Training Programs

Other clinical research and public health training programs are available elsewhere within the School of Medicine specifically and Penn generally.

Clinicians and basic scientists seeking guidance and information about clinical research and public health training options available within the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine should consult the Clinical Research and Public Health Training Options website. This website identifies training options based on career choice and includes brief descriptions, objectives, and timetables for each training program.

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