David Rubin, MD, MSCE

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Faculty Information

CCEB AppointmentAssociate Scholar, Epidemiology
Primary Faculty AppointmentAssistant Professor of Pediatrics, Division of General Pediatrics, University of Pennsylvania Perelman SOM/CHOP

Research Statement

Dr. Rubin is a general pediatrician at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia who joined the faculty in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania in July of 2002 after fellowship training in general pediatrics, child maltreatment, clinical epidemiology, and health services research. He is currently the Director of Research & Policy for Safe Place: The Center for Child Protection & Health at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. His research has focused on health policy and practice for vulnerable populations. His work has included an evaluation of racial bias in reporting pediatric fractures for child abuse that appeared in JAMA in 2002 and more recent population-based studies of the health of children in foster care that appeared in the journal Pediatrics earlier this year. He is the recent recipient of a K23 award from NICHD to study health and well-being of children in foster care through prospective community-based research. Dr. Rubin is also the Pediatric Course Director for Penn's School of Medicine and has been a co-director of an evidence-based medicine curriculum for the pediatric residency program at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He is also a primary care attending physician in the Faculty Practice of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Selected Publications

Cohen YE, Rubin DM and Saunders JC. Middle ear development I: extra-stapedius response in the neonatal chick. Hearing Research 1992; 58(1): 1-8.

Cohen YE, Doan DE, Rubin DM and Saunders JC. Middle ear development V: development of umbo sensitivity in the gerbil. American Journal of Otolaryngology 1993; 14(3): 191-98.

Rubin DM, Lane W, Ludwig S. Child abuse prevention. Current Opinion in Pediatrics 2001; 13: 388-401.

Rubin DM, McMillan CO, Helfaer MA, Christian CW. Pulmonary edema associated with child abuse: case reports and a review of the literature. Pediatrics 2001; 108(3): 769-75.

Lane WG, Rubin DM, Monteith R and Christian CW. Racial differences in the evaluation of pediatric fractures for physical abuse. Journal of the American Medical Association 2002; 288(13): 1609-09.

Rubin DM, Christian CW, Bilaniuk LT, Zazcycny KA, Durbin D. Occult head injury in high-risk abused children. Pediatrics 2003; 111(6): 1382-86, .

Rubin DM, Alessandrini EA, Feudtner C, Mandell D, Localio AR, Hadley T. Mental health costs and placement stability for children in foster care. Pediatrics 2004; 113(5):1336-1341.

Rubin, DM, Alessandrini EA, Feudtner C, Localio AR, Hadley T. Placement changes and emergency department visits in the first year of foster care. Pediatrics 2004; 114(3): e354-e360.

Rubin DM, Pati S, Luan X, Alessandrini EA. A sampling bias in identifying children in foster care using Medicaid data. Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005; 5(3):185-90.

Wood J, Rubin DM, Nance M, Christian CW. Distinguishing inflicted vs. accidental abdominal injuries in young children. Journal of Trauma-Injury Infection & Critical Care 2005; 59(5): 1203-1208.

Friedlaender E, Rubin DM, Alpern E, Mandell DS, Christian CW, Alessandrini EA. Patterns of health service use that may identify young children at risk for maltreatment. Pediatrics 2005; 116: 1303 - 1308.

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