Jinbo Chen, PhD

Office Location203, Blockley Hall
Office Phone(215) 746-3915

Faculty Information

CCEB AppointmentSenior Scholar, Biostatistics
Primary Faculty AppointmentAssociate Professor of Biostatistics, University of Pennsylvania Perelman SOM

Research Statement

Statistical methodology and collaboration in genetic and molecular epidemiology; Statistical Genetics; Statistical methods for missing data problems; Disease risk prediction.

Selected Publications

1. Chen J, Breslow NE (2004 ). Semiparametric efficient estimation for the auxiliary outcome problem with the conditional mean model. The Canadian Journal of Statistics 32:359-372.

2. Chen J, Peters U, Foster C, Chatterjee N (2004). A haplotype based test of association using data from cohort and nested case-control epidemiologic studies. Human Heredity 58:18-29.

3. Chen J and Chatterjee N. (2006). Haplotype-based association analysis in cohort and nested case-control studies. Biometrics 62:28-35.

4. Chen J, Pee D, Ayyagari R, Graubard B, Schairer C, Byrne C, Benichou J, Gail MH (2006). Projecting absolute invasive breast cancer risk in white women with a model that includes mammographic density. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 98:1215-1226.

5. Chen J and Rodriguez. Conditional likelihood methods for haplotype-based association analysis using matched case-control data. Biometrics (In press).

6. Chen J and Chatterjee N. Exploiting hardy-weinberg equilibrium for efficient screening of single SNP associations from case-control studies. Human Heredity 2007; 63:196-204.

7. Chen J, Yu K, Hsing A, and Therneau T. A partially linear tree-based regression model for assessing complex joint gene-gene and gene-environment effects. Genetic Epidemiology 2007; 31:238-251.

8. Chen J, Ayyagari R, Chatterjee N, Pee DY, Schairer C, Byrne, Benichou J, and Gail MH. Breast cancer relative estimates from case-control and cohort designs with missign data on mammographic density. Journal of the American Statistical Association (forthcoming).

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