Andrea B. Troxel, ScD

Office Location632, Blockley Hall
Office Phone215-573-0659

Faculty Information

CCEB AppointmentSenior Scholar, Biostatistics
Primary Faculty AppointmentProfessor of Biostatistics at HUP, University of Pennsylvania Perelman SOM

Research Statement

Dr. Troxel's statistical research interests are in the areas of longitudinal studies, incomplete data, clinical trials, and statistical issues in the analysis of quality-of-life data. She has developed nonignorable missing data models for longitudinal data with complex missingness patterns. Recent work in missing data has focused on development of an index of sensitivity to nonignorability. She has also studied the particular methodological issues arising in the analysis of quality-of-life (QOL) data. More recently Dr. Troxel has focused on developing methods for joint analysis of repeated QOL and survival data. Dr. Troxel's medical research interests are primarily in oncology, where she has considerable experience in the design and analysis of both early-phase trials and randomized studies, as well as laboratory investigations and population-based research.

Courses Taught

EP622: Applied Regression Models for Categorica Data

Selected Publications

Troxel, A.B., Lipsitz, S.R. and Brennan, T.A. Weighted estimatinge quations with nonignorably missing response data. Biometrics, 53: 857-69, 1997.

Troxel, A.B. A comparative analysis of quality of life data from a Southwest Oncology Group randomized trial of advanced colorectal cancer. Statistics in Medicine, 17: 767-79, 1998.

Troxel, A.B., Harrington, D.P. and Lipsitz, S.R. Analysis of longitudinal data with non-ignorable non-monotone missing values. Applied Statistics, 74: 425-38, 1998.

Troxel, A.B., Lipsitz, S.R. and Harrington, D.P. Marginal models for the analysis of longitudinal measurements with nonignorable non-monotone missing data. Biometrika, 85: 661-72, 1998.

Troxel, A.B. Techniques for incorporating longitudinal measurements into analyses of survival data from clinical trials. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 11: 237-45, 2002.

Troxel, A.B. and Esserman, D.A. Frailty models for quality of life in oncology. Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics, 14: 145-54, 2004.

Troxel, A.B., Ma, G. and Heitjan, D.F. An index of sensitivity to nonignorability. Statistica Sinica, 14: 1221-37, 2004.

Grann, V.R., Troxel, A.B., Jacobson, J.S., Zojwalla, N., Hershman, D., Glied, S.A. and Neugut, A.I. Regional and racial disparities in breast cancer-specific and all-cause mortality. Social Science and Medicine, 62: 337-47, 2006.

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