Rui Xiao, PhD

Office Location635, Blockley Hall
Office Phone215-746-4474

Faculty Information

CCEB AppointmentSenior Scholar, Biostatistics
Primary Faculty AppointmentAssistant Professor of Biostatistics @ HUP, University of Pennsylvania Perelman SOM

Research Statement

Dr. Xiao's primary research interests are statistical genetics and genomics. She is also interested in collaborative research in pediatrics.

Selected Publications

Xiao R., Boehnke M.: Quantifying and correcting for the winner's curse in quantitative-trait association studies. Genetic Epidemiology, in press.

Fogarty M.P., Xiao R., Prokunina-Olsson L., Scott L.J., Mohlke K.L. : Allelic expression imbalance at high-density lipoprotein cholesterol locus MMAB-MVK. Human Molecular Genetics 19(10): 1921-1929, 2010.

Xiao, R., Boehnke, M.: Quantifying and correcting for the winner's curse in genetic association studies. Genetic Epidemiology 33: 453-462, 2009.

Scott, L.J., Mohlke, K.L., Bonnycastle, L.L., Willer, C.J., Li, Y., Duren, W.L., Erdos, M.R., Stringham, H.M., Chines, P.S., Jackson, A.U., Prokunina-Olsson, L., Ding, C.J., Swift, A.J., Narisu, N., Hu, T., Pruim, R., Xiao, R., Li, X.Y., Conneely, K.N., Riebow, N.L., Sprau, A.G., Tong, M., White, P.P., Hetrick, K.N., Barnhart, M.W., Bark, C.W., Goldstein, J.L., Watkins, L., Xiang, F., Saramies, J., Buchanan, T.A., Watanabe, R.M., Valle, T.T., Kinnunen, L., Abesasis, G.R., Pugh, E.W., Doheny, K.F., Bergman, R.N., Tuomilehto, J., Collins, F.S. and Boehnke, M.: A genome-wide association study of type 2 diabetes in Finn detects multiple susceptibility variants. Science 316: 1341-1345, 2007.

Skol, A.D., Xiao, R., Boehnke, M. and Veteran Affairs Cooperative Study Investigators: An algorithm to construct genetically similar subsets of families with the use of self reported ethnicity information. American Journal of Human Genetics 77: 346-354, 2005.

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