The CCEB/DBE has a large, diverse, and active research program underway, funded by approximately $38 million/year in grants and contracts. CCEB/DBE faculty are engaged in hundreds of different active clinical research projects, both hospital-based and community-based.


The CCEB's/DBE's research objectives are to promote clinical epidemiology and biostatistics research, both in the community and health care settings.

Research Programs, Centers, and Areas of Interest

CCEB and DBE faculty are engaged in multiple active clinical research projects, many of which are conducted by a core group of faculty, focus on content-specific areas of interest, and include relevant methodologic work.

Collaborative Partners

CCEB and DBE faculty collaborate on research projects with many other divisions within the School of Medicine and the University.

Sources of Funding

CCEB/DBE research projects are funded by private foundations, governmental agencies, and private industry.

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